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[Solved] Midi Interface Suggestion for Surface Pro & Chameleon?  


Steve Blenkinsopp
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27/12/2019 10:49 am  

Hi, Can anyone recommend a “Cable style” Midi Interface for Use with a Microsoft Surface Pro and Chameleon? I’ve tried a generic one from Amazon (Digital Life) that is not working (tested with Midi-Ox). I’m looking at something like the Roland UM-One Mk2 – (but according to the Roland Website, it doesn’t support USB 3), The ESI Midmate EX, or the iconnectivity Mio. I won’t be needing Audio, so a simple midi interface is all that’s needed...

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27/12/2019 1:47 pm  

Hi Steve,  I have a couple of this ultra cheap cable, and never have a problem.
For sure!!  Very cheap!!

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