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The Extender  


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03/11/2018 7:44 am  

NOTE: project is delayed duet new features probably make this project really no needed.
More info soon.

The Extender is DIY project to provide faster way to switch between operation modes Elephant software provide.
Instead to access trough Elephant menu you can use a comfortable nice and ultra durable arcade buttons.
Version 1.4 come with some nice features and one of that is this extender project, other features will be announced soon.

Elephant software can be operated and used without the extender, anyway this module make the day by day usage a lot more comfortable, no special knowledge required for build and assembly, no soldering required etc.

Parts required:
1 Arduino Leonardo.
Minimum cost is around 6U$ if you order from china on ebay.

You can order without the USB wire and save 1 dollar,  and just buy a long data USB/micro USB, exactly the same wire used for phones.
Wire provided with Arduino is ultra short.

Sanwa OBS Arcade buttons:
From 1 button, up to 5 buttons, you decide what you want or need.
If you want only switch from MIDI to mouse  mode you can use just one button.
If you want switch from vertical to horizontal or rotary you need 3 buttons.
If  you want switch from vertical to horizontal or rotary and mouse to MIDI mode, then you need 4 buttons.

Buttons can be  24mm or 30mm, you decide, if want make more compact, then go with 24mm Sanwa buttons.
Cost vary based on the buttons you choose, the most beautiful are the clear ring buttons, but you can choose what you prefer.
Where to buy the buttons:

Ensure order buttons with silencer, Also take a look on ebay or just google for find some place near to you.
Silencer is a simple rubber part, easy  to mount inside the button, his task is reduce the click noise of the buttons.

Sanwa OBS buttons .110 terminals:
Cost is less of 5 dollars.

Arduino male to male wires.
Cost is less of 2 dollars.

1  Black electrical tape roll
Cost usually less of 1 dollar

As I said you no need solder wires,  or special knowledge.
Arduino board need be programed but you no need deal with Arduino IDE,   I provide  a simple command line software for program the Arduino in just few steps, zero knowledge required.

What more you need?
Some common tools usually everyone have in house, or somebody in your family, a friend etc.
Enthusiasm for assembly, is easy!
Imagination for mount in your desktop, build your case or anything you imagine.
I really love see pictures here in the forum of what users do 🙂

Next Monday more info..... stay tuned!!

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You have so many great ideas (and move so quickly) I hadn't commented on this earlier but in another thread you mentioned this post hadn't gotten any love so I wanted to make sure give some since while I think you've changed your original plans for this a bit (with the multi-button mice), this is still really cool.

Keep up the great work ..!

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Ok, if just one user like this, then this project continue after release version 1.6, can be useful for some user.
More info soon.

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