Can you please prov...

[Solved] Can you please provide more details on how to use images in your guide?  


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27/02/2019 1:07 am  

I think the insertion of images is a great feature but I don't know what results to expect

If an image is loaded is it always behaving like a switch ( toggle on /off or latch ) & illuminated? Can the illumination be altered so it remains in one state to prevent the switching off but keep the illuminated image ?

Could you also please expand on what is supposed to happens when you use a gif. Is it permanently animated or static ?

I have a 21 inch multi touch monitor but i'm considering upgrading. Is there a maximum amount of images which can be inserted?


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There is 2 ways of load images, as image button, that images act as a button can send MIDI,  can act as toggle button or push button. The other way is as a decoration image, with no  support of any action, decoration image act as a fixed image just for some basic decoration. 
I can put some attention on the image feature, but for be honest that can happen later this year, there is a large list of things to improve first, example:  full palette of colors, send keystrokes, new objects to provide better control, improvements related to MIDI,  OSC support, etc.

About limit of images, yes there is a limit, specially with Gif images, is related to memory and also related to Chameleon, is a 32bit app, probably I move to 64bit later this year, but that not is a higher priority right now.

The concept of images is just provide some basic decoration and before to move deep in that, there is a large list of improvements to complete.
In the upcoming update the first improvement see the light is a full palette of colors, plus other nice new features I show soon.
Take a look.

2019 will be a great year with large list of nice improvements and new features. ? 

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