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Cubase Elements 9.5 using generic remote. One of the sliding faders wont transmit midi  


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27/02/2019 12:25 am  

The faders are bi-directional & fully functional but I cannot get a response from the slider with the mid center notch.

There's no midi signal being transmitted.

Cubase 5 & Cubase Elements 9.5 using generic remote.

The video clip automatically loops..

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27/02/2019 1:10 am  

Hello  Tific.
That kind of sliders not support  MIDI-IN.
The whole software is under complete deep reconstruction right now, some features never implemented at the moment I stop coding the software in the year 2015 ,  will see the light soon , plus large list of new features.  In year 2015 I was replaced by another programmer (a long history), and just few months ago I take the project again on my hands.The workaround now is use the sliders that support MIDI IN, and wait for incoming updates.

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