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[Solved] Curious about using Chameleon as a wireless interface ( independant virtual MIDI network )  


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17/09/2019 6:51 pm  


I have a query about using Chameleon as a wireless interface on multiple devices where latency is not critical.

I used to use Rtp midi with an Ipad & Android tablet. Rtp midi was installed on the desktop pc & the network address from the other device  auto connected.

Any physically connected midi hardware would show up in the live routing section.


Here's an illustration of a  desktop (  master ) & laptop configuration

Rtp midi interface syncing desktop & laptop


Chameleon installs Bomes virtual midi driver & the software or digital audio workstation sees Chameleon as a virtual midi input.

Chameleon will crash if the Bomes driver is uninstalled.


Does anyone know how to route virtual midi into Rtp midi or Copperlan so it shows as a hardware input ? ( Ive tried loop midi but somethings not right ) 




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Reinstall the Chameleon in order MIDI driver back to work.
You can use this guide:

The only difference is you send trough wi-fi to another computer.

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