Installation stalls...

Installation stalls at demo. Windows 10 64bit.  


Vernon Sakai
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03/07/2019 5:56 pm  


New user. Windows 10 64bit. 

Installation progressed through Welcome screen, warning not to press and hold Dial, then to click screen to go to demo. Welcome screen disappears. I'm looking at my desktop.

Then nothing happens. Windows installation icon remains in taskbar. Hovering mouse above it shows a miniature of the window but it is grey and says Elephant v1.9.2 on it. Nothing brings the window to the fore. Not clicking on it. Screenshot available. As well as Task Manager. 

That's where it stops. 

What can I do to continue and complete the installation. Is it possible to skip the demo?




Vern Sakai


Vernon Sakai
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03/07/2019 6:32 pm  

I can see the folder and files including elephant.exe in /hi computer/elephant. So it looks like it is installed but not sure why the installer wont release and confirm installation.

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04/07/2019 12:33 am  

Hello, really sorry but nor understand 100% what you explain..... for sure, nobody report a issue like this. 
Can we schedule a remote session trough Team Viewer?
Based on what I read is like the installer stuck in the process of install in your machine, that not is a common issue and I need check  that, otherwise I cant debug what cant be reproduced (at least here or by other users). Please confirm about Team Viewer. 
Anyway! question:
After run the installer and reboot the machine, can use Elephant software?
Please provide more info.

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